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Art of English Communication (Jr)

Crafted for 8 Years to 15 Years Old

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English is just a language

Let this not hamper your child's growth or image

Program Coverage

Art of English Communication is a handheld online program runs in line of your child's current engagements. Here is the mapping of the program. We have developed experiential / practical modules which are completely activity / practice driven. This complete program is mapped around.

  • 40+ Grammar Modules

  • 110+ Experiences Based Modules

Grammar based modules covers all the grammar part and the Experiences based modules covers the topics like Phone Calls, Meetings & Greetings, Discussion with Friends and alike topics which would be helpful in your real life. However, this program also includes the coverage around the following. 

  • Voice Modulation

  • Regular Conversation Skills

  • Body Language

  • Storytelling

  • Public Speaking

  • Pronunciation

  • Active Listening

  • Advanced Vocabulary

70% people in India hamper their growth because of English Communication.

Let this not happen to your child.

Exclusive Community Access

For your peer learning.

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An exclusive


Community Access


For all of our learners to foster peer learning and to facilitate them for keeping on practicing with real people and bots to improve fluency.


See what our learners have, to share with you!

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Gargacharya Shastri

Father of Gopal Sharma

Learner's Age - 11 Years

Mathura, UP

गोपाल अंग्रेजी में बहुत कमजोर था। फिर, हमें कॉमन स्कूल के बारे में पता चला। उनका शिक्षण के प्रति एक दिलचस्प दृष्टिकोण है और हमने केवल 3 महीनों में उसमें सुधार देखा है।

16366329780636515034633541038728 - Shama Parveen.jpg

Md. Tahla

Bulandshahr, UP

7th Grade

I liked the way classes are being conducted and the masterclass are being done. We don't even realise and end up spending more than 3 hours during our masterclasses. I found them all really interesting.

IMG20210815190613_00 - Menka chaturvedi.jpg

Vanshika Chaturvedi

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

5th Grade

Though, English language has already been a part at my school. But the communication part here in this program is very much interesting. I feel like I am improving everyday even with interesting concepts like Extempore, Mini Challenges etc.

  • How can I enroll for the program?
    You need to claim your free demo or sign up on the website. Once you do this, you are being assigned a relationship executive internally and he / she helps you in customising the program and getting the learner enrolled / onboarded for the learning.
  • Where will the learner be doing this program?
    This program is all virtual and it is conducted on our Learning Management System (LMS). We provide you with the web / app access of our LMS for the learner to access this program.
  • Does Kommon School has physical facility too?
    No, currently we are doing it all virtual to give you the best experience here. However, our office is located in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
  • What is the fee for this program?
    Your fee is being calculated after customising your program. However, you may visit the estimated fee section for an idea of our fee.
  • Learner is already good in English language. Is this program still needed?
    The program has #2 perspectives to it. English + Communication. You may work out during the assessment part whether you need Communication Learning Journey only or both English + Communication combined.
  • I have some other concerns or queries, whom should I approach?
    You may get in touch with your designated relationship executive or can write us at We are also available on WhatsApp at +917610540611.
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